Nondenominational Church Cedartown


Fused within every kingdom man's urge to conquer ought to be an equally strong conviction to cover. That covering includes taking responsibility for that which God has placed in your care. You can take this responsibility, men, even if you don't feel like you have the skills, wisdom or ability to handle it, if you will simply align yourself under God—because He's got it. It is all a matter of alignment.


To be aligned under God is to consistently make your decisions, whether personal or professional, in line with God's Word. This means intentionally going to the Scriptures and often to a person acquainted with the Scriptures on a specific matter that you are dealing with. For example, if you are seeking to resolve a financial issue or to establish sound financial principles and stewardship in your life, you look up everything that you can find in God's Word on it and start applying it to your life.


However, sometimes a situation will come up in your home or at the church that makes you think, “There is no way I will be able to remedy this one.” It is too deep, too messy or too chaotic, and nothing in Scripture specifically addresses the details of the issue — other than to trust God, have faith and honor Him.


But do you know what I do when that happens? I still say, "I've got it." It's not because I am pretending to have it, but because, as a man under God, I have faith that God has it. That way those around me can rest. And the reason that I can say that with confidence is because I know that God's got it. I also do it to remind myself that as a man and as a leader, I may not like the problem or the issue that has come up — and I may not have even caused it — but it is my position to address it, carry it, and cover those facing it in the best way I can.


I've got it.

You've got it.

Try it sometime.


But remember that this works only if you are properly aligned under God's overarching kingdom rule in your life.


First Corinthians 10:31 tells us that whatever we do — whether it is simply eating or drinking — we are to do it all to the glory of God. To be aligned under God is to follow this principle in the seemingly mundane as well as in the exciting areas of life. Alignment is to consciously ask yourself what God thinks, says or wants you to do about this. What will bring Him glory?


A kingdom man is every woman's dream because when he functions according to the principles of God's kingdom, she can rest under his covering.


She can hear him say, "I've got it." And when she does, she can relax.


As a man, you are to take full responsibility to rule to the best of your ability for the betterment of yourself and all others within your domain. That doesn't mean that you are personally obligated to solve every issue, but it does mean that you are obligated to oversee it being solved if it falls within your realm of influence and authority. And remember that rule does not mean we're to be domineering or controlling; it means leading with wisdom for others.